DECEMBER 26, 2018

We are finishing working on a concept for 'Uralkabel' plant area development in VIZ district, where a new multifunctional residential complex will be built. It is a complicated area which requires very careful and balanced solutions. For a long time, the development of this area was on hold, although it is located on the extension of the main arterial street of Yekaterinburg, from Lenina to Tatishcheva streets, and, from the viewpoint of urban planning, it is a crucial location.
We got into this project by participating in a closed competition, after which UMMC company, the owner of ''Uralkabel'' area, suggested that we continue working on it. Now, on the one hand, there is an industrial zone in the plant area, which due for renovation. On the other hand, a lot of existing residential buildings are located in this quarter. We had to consider the interests of the new residents, while increasing the quality of life for those who already live in the neighbourhood.
We suggested organizing a unified internal recreational structure in order to create an accessible and landscaped urban environment within the quarter, at the same time, making the quarter planning structure permeable. In particular, our concept presupposes organizing a pedestrian boulevard, which will stretch from the prospective underground station at Tatishcheva – Tokarey intersection to the XXII Partsjezda park, facing Krylova street. This will provide comfortable internal pedestrian traffic within the large planning element.
A lot is now being said about renovating the urban environment. What is it reflected in? This plot has its own history. In the same way as many industrial sites located within the city fabric, 'Uralkabel' plant area has location memory. The majority of structures are of no interest, except the 'Metallistov' workers' club building, which is if not an architectural monument but is of environmental value.

With the appropriate architectural and planning insight, this structure can create a unique identity for the whole quarter. Our design solution helps keep and reconstruct the workers' club façade, integrating it into the overall outline of the residential complex. We are also offering a unique functionality: it can become a community center for the residents, accommodating children's clubs, classes and hobby groups, as well as lectures and other events for adults. Keeping in mind the fact that UMMC is a mining and metallurgical company, 'Metallistov' worlkers' club can get a second life as a neighbourhood cultural and event center and become an excellent example of a modern and intelligent approach to urban environment renovation in Yekaterinburg.
The developer has already started the construction of the first residential quarter, which was designed earlier, by another architectural company, but we are planning, in case of going with our concept, to harmonize all the solutions. Given the large volume of the development, we have decided to develop the area on the principle of versatile urban environment, so that the quarter does not look flat and monotonous. The concept presupposes constructing various residential blocks, each with its own architectural solution, which may resemble certain blocks characteristic of the Netherlands in particular. For instance, we used different configurations of buildings, different façade patterns: alternating glazed bay windows, Flemish brick facades, and active colour solutions. This mix of different textures, materials, architectural elements creates the feeling of an environment that has been developing over several years, instead of emerging at once. For the residents this could also be interesting as they get different identity perceptions within one neighbourhood. Urban environment perception scenarios do not repeat for them in each quarter.
An unusual architectural focal point of the complex is represented by the building of a health and fitness center, which we put in the forefront at the intersection of Tatishcheva and Tokarey streets. It is designed as a transparent glass cube with a swimming pool on the roof.

At the same intersection, we organized a common reception zone to enter the complex area. There will be a lobby with a recreation zone, a café and a retail gallery.