APRIL 5, 2018
Architects in Yekaterinburg have presented their designs for the development of a new block in Shirokaya Rechka district for 'SKB Kontur' company, the so-called Kontur-park. It will take up the area of 16.8 ha between Pikhtovaya, Maloprudnaya and Sukhodolskaya streets.
The plan is to build office premises for 5000 people, parking spaces for 2500 vehicles, a kindergarten for 150 children, an IT campus for 500 people, sports grounds and tracks, and an indoor climbing gym, unique for Russia. The best design will be announced on April 12. The block is supposed to create conditions for the development of the existing IT companies and the emergence of new ones, and to help increase the level of IT training and the attractiveness of Yekaterinburg as one of the main IT centers in the country.

The first facilities are to emerge in 2022, and the whole project is planned for realization by 2030. That said, the first stage of SKG Kontur offices is already built and functioning. The second stage is currently under construction.

We suggest looking at the 'mini-Skolkovo' in Shirokaya Rechka the way the competing architects see it.

ARCHINFORM architectural bureau

According to the architects' vision of the design, the composition of the planning solution is based on the principle of stage-by-stage development of infrastructure and versatility of hospitable spaces for meetings and communication. A unified communicative space – a whole ecopark – unites other facilities: office and production spaces, a comfortable low-rise housing development, an educational center and the Forum building.

OOO 'Gordeev – Demidov Architectural Bureau'

The design carries two main ideas: optimal organization of the area and its maintainability. A structured space is like a matrix with separate clusters, in which production, housing, social and public zones are located. Blocks of freestanding buildings are connected by hinge glass galleries, resembling Skybridge. All in all, three superblocks have been designed, each of them consisting of two buildings connected by galleries.
LSR group

The idea of the design is a team-building. In essence, it is a campus, a city within the city, as in many major IT companies. However, for the sake of accommodational comfort, the designers suggest making the building itself a linking element for different zones of the park, and constructing it in the shape of a Voronoi diagram: a net with minimal distances between the centers, resembling leaf fibers. A transit way facing the park, the main square, sports grounds, a children's playground etc., will go through the ground floor of every building section.

The design presupposes defining functional zones, on the one hand, and on the other hand, creating a unified communicative space. The plan is to locate the office buildings along the peripheral ring road, in order to form a clear border for the park. All the four buildings are united by a second floor level transit way. Scientific and production facilities have a streamline shape with an atrium in the center. In order to balance office facilities and parking spaces, the suggestion is to locate the parking on the podium of a building, on two floors. The central area is designated for a park zone with several flowing water reservoirs.

ООО 'UPK Krasnaya Liniya'

The planning focal point of the design is the square at the intersection of Maloprudnaya and Svetlorechenskaya streets and the public retail center building. A view of the park opens from the proximal angle of the square, through the arched space under the main building. A pedestrian alley starts at the square in front of the main building, being a compositional axis for the whole pedestrian park network of the development. Around this axis, zoning is planned: scientific and production facilities, housing and a kindergarten, an educational zone with and academic building and a climbing gym, a park zone and a pedestrian alley.

Author: Alyona Batalova
Source: Е1